S’more weather is just around the corner and you know what that means, the yearly trout stockings are coming to town!
Once again, TRWD has partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) for these highly anticipated outdoor events. The organizations are releasing trout on four separate dates where you have an opportunity to test out your fishing skills and get ready for the 4th annual TRWD Flyfest.
The first trout stocking will be December 13, 2018, with a release of 1250 fish at both Trinity Park and River Park. TRWD is inviting you to come out and fish all weekend long as the fish acclimate to their new waters. Last year, TRWD and TPW combined released more than 8,000 Rainbow Trout into the river system for our local anglers and urban fishers to enjoy and take a break from the stress of work, school, or just enjoy time with your family.
Don’t worry if you have never fished before, these trout stocking events are meant for you, too! We encourage our community members to try new outdoor recreational activities and we would love to see you there. These events are free for the public to attend and to make you feel even more comfortable with the event, Rainbow Trout are one of the easiest fish to catch and the river banks provide you with plenty of great locations to hunker down and participate.

What do you need for the event?

A valid Texas Fishing license from TPW, your fishing gear/kit, your family and friends, and snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Don’t forget that even after the events are over you can continue to fish. The TRWD Trinity Trails have plenty of designated fishing areas as well as kayak launch locations.
Check back soon. Our next fishing blog post will help you become an Urban Fisher, provide tips on what you will need to get started, and tricks on how to catch a Rainbow Trout during our trout stocking events.


Stocking 1: December 13, 2018 (Trinity Park and River Park)
1250 trout will be released at both locations

Stocking 2: January 2, 2019 (Trinity Park) and January 14, 2019 (River Park)
1850 trout will be released at both locations by Texas Parks & Wildlife

Stocking 3: February 6, 2019 (Trinity Park) and February 8, 2019 (River Park)
1850 trout will be released at both locations by Texas Parks & Wildlife

Stocking 4: March 9, 2019 (TRWD Flyfest at River Park)