TRWD is expanding recreational experiences along the Trinity Trails parallel to the Trinity River. Painting the River: A Trinity Trails Mural Gallery aspires to “transform utilitarian structures into destinations and provide chance encounters for regular users of the trails.”

These structures can be found along the three sections of the Trinity River, including the Clear Fork, Upper West Fork or Lower West Fork, in Fort Worth. Each region has distinct landmarks, characteristics and attractions that make them unique. Artists were encouraged to use their creativity and take inspiration from Fort Worth, nature and water.

The project is currently underway, and of the 22 commissioned structures, seven are already complete.  We encourage all Trinity Trails users to seek nature and adventure on their daily outings. While exploring the trails, there are multiple opportunities to discover the different murals, various phases of works in progress and experience the transformation happening right now.

Check out photos of the completed murals, and the next time you are out on the Trinity Trails, take a new adventure and seek these beautiful pieces of art.

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Mural by: JD Moore
Mural by: Callie Stiewig
Mural by: Audie Pope
Mural by: Chris Bingham