Are you interested in learning more about the murals along the Trinity Trails? The Painting the River: A Trinity Trails Mural Gallery map is up on our website! Tour the murals virtually and be inspired to seek adventure.

The map highlights the structures commissioned as part of the Trinity Trails mural gallery collection. You can toggle between each structure and learn about the artists, their piece and its location. You can track the progress of the art and see which are complete, in-progress and coming soon. See images of the artwork from close up and different angles. 

While exploring the map, read more about the mission and vision of the Painting the River project.

Check out more photos of completed murals, and the next time you’re out on the Trinity Trails, seek these beautiful pieces of art and interact with the artists who are out on the trails.

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Mural by: Robert Allen Burns
Mural by: Jason Eatherly
Mural by: Adrian Brooks