Update: 1/19/2021

The stretch of trails along the Westbank has re-opened for 2021. Features such as stronger gaurdrails, enhanced lighting, new hardscaping and more accessible parking was added. Head out to the Trinity Trails to check out these great improvements.

Construction is underway! What new features can you look forward to?

  • Widened trail
  • Safer alignment of Zoo Train track
  • Enhanced parking
  • Improved visual appeal & user experience

On the heels of the completion of the Eastbank Trail Extension, we are happy to announce the groundbreaking of the Westbank Trail Improvement project. Located on Old University Drive, this project promises to vastly improve the experience of passing beneath a series of overpasses.

With the collaboration between TRWD, Fort Worth Park Department and Streams & Valleys, work is scheduled to begin on June 2nd. The estimated completion time is six months. Stay tuned to follow our progress!

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Beginning June 5th, the section of trail off Old University Drive underneath Vickery/Rosedale/Chisholm Trail/I-30 will be closed for the Westbank Improvements Project. Re-route is the Eastbank Trail accessible from the Mistletoe Bridge on the south or Tilley Bridge on the north. The closure is expected to remain until late December.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

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